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- The Latest News -
SSG7 V v1.5.0 has been released.
(Sep. 7, 2022)
KMG7 V v1.4.1 has been released.
(Sep. 7, 2022)
SSG7 V v1.4.0 has been released.
(Aug. 10, 2022)
KMG7 V v1.4.0 has been released.
(Aug. 10, 2022)
SSG7 V v1.3.0 has been released.
(Jul. 18, 2022)
KMG7 V v1.3.0 has been released.
(Jul. 18, 2022)
SSG7 V v1.2.1 has been released.
(Jul. 3, 2022)
KMG7 V v1.2.1 has been released.
(Jul. 3, 2022)
KV88 has been released.
(May. 30, 2022)
SSG7 V v1.2.0 has been released.
(May. 26, 2022)
SSG7 V has been released.
(Apr. 17, 2022)
KMG7 V has been released.
(Mar. 6, 2022)
KMG7 V Top page
KMG7V is a 7-string guitar VST plugin suitable for Heavy Metal.
Samples are recorded in clean tones and you can use your favorite amp simulator. If you do not have an external amp simulator, KMG7V has one, allowing you to create a variety of sounds.
Note: These songs may not be used for any purpose other than listening to them.

This is the Windows version. there is no Mac version.
"KMG7 V" Version 1.4.1
Discount Information
Please make sure to check the operation with the Trial version before purchasing.
The following Sample Files are required to run KMG7V.
Download "Sample Files v1.2.0" (Updated Jul. 3, 2022)

Discount Information

Download "KMG7 V" Trial Version 1.4.1

How to unzip KMG7 V
Please use 7-Zip to unzip. Other software may not unzip the files properly.

Specification Version 1.4.1
Windows version, 64-bit VST3. This will not work correctly on 32-bit hosts. and Mac is not supported at this time.
Size of VST : 8.6MB
Size of Sample Files: 1.95GB
Format: 24bit/48kHz MONO
PowerChord, PowerChord 5th, PowerChord 4th, PowerChord Mute, PowerChord 5th Mute, PowerChord 4th Mute, Solo, SoloMute,
Hammer-on, Pull-off,
Pick Harmonics, Slide, Slide Noise, Auto String Noise,
Vibrato, Legato, Alternate Picking,
Brushing, Chop, Unison bend, harmonized bend,
Chord Mode,
Pre EQ, Distortion, Drive, Post EQ, Volume, Cabinet, STEREO Modeller, Delay, Reverb, Master Volume.
KMG7 V KMG7 V Trial
Noise Yes
Preset Save Yes
Parameter Save to HOST Yes Yes
Slide Yes Yes
Chord Mode Fret change Yes Yes
PDF Manual(日本語バージョン) Contact Us

KMG7 V Version 1.4.1(2022/9/07)
Trial Version 1.4.1 has also been released.
Free Version 1.4.1 has also been released.
  Bugs were fixed.

KMG7 V Version 1.4.0(2022/8/10)
Trial Version 1.4.0 has also been released.
Free Version 1.4.0 has also been released.
  Inverted chords have been added in chord mode.
  Hammer-on and Pull-off sound quality has been improved.
  Load and Save are now displayed as a list, and the preset name is displayed.
  Presets have been corrected.
  Other bugs were fixed.

KMG7 V Version 1.3.0(2022/7/18)
Trial Version 1.3.0 has also been released.
  Amplifier screen has been renewed.
  A Quick Button has been placed in the preset.
  In code mode, the B3 key has been moved to B4.
  Improved quality of code mode.
  Random cabinet has been discontinued.
  Other bugs were fixed.

KMG7 V Version 1.2.1(2022/7/3)
Trial Version 1.2.1 has also been released.
  A code mode has been implemented.
  The interface has been redesigned.

KMG7 V Version 1.1.0(2022/4/17)
Free Version 1.1.0 has also been released.
  Fixed a problem in which keyswitch E1 noise-based sounds were sometimes not played correctly.
  Fixed a bug where some notes were not pronounced correctly when forcing strings.
  Improved destortion algorithm.

KMG7 V Version 1.0.0(2022/3/16)
Free Version 1.0.0 has also been released.
  Fixed one crash bug.
  Fixed a problem that caused the sound to remain on.
  When loading presets, the system will not reload them if it is not necessary.
  Separated Drive and Clean. This allows the use of Cabinet with Clean tones.
  Added Distortion and AmpType.
  Fixed memory release bug.
  Presets are now 8.

KMG7 V Version 0.9.0(2022/3/6)
Version 0.9.0 has been released.
  The VST from KMG7 Advanced has been enhanced, mainly in the slides and cabinet.
  The FREE version has the same functions as the standard version, except that the FREE version does not allow saving presets and saving parameters to the host.
  Many samples have been improved.

The seniors who have been instrumental in the production of this VST.
Mr. Takacie@Takacie815 iNVOX Records
Mr. ほっと@hotwatermorning
Mr. The Audio Programmer@audioprogrammer The Audio Programmer Ltd
Mr. タガシー@GIURIA156 TTM Works
Mr. COx2 ))))@@CO_CO_ JUCE JAPAN 編集部
Mr. パンダの中のパンダ@perfectpanda145 ぱんだクリップ
Mr. うつぼかずら@vstcpp C++でVST作り
Mr. g200kg@g200kg g200kg Music & Software
Mr. Yoshiki@adimension
Mr. Kyoichijp@kyoichijp